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5 Simple Social Media Treats that Won’t Trick Your Readers

Nida Sea
With over four years of experience as a freelance writer, Nida Sea strives to ge
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October 05, 2012 By Nida Sea


It’s easy to get followers for your website, blog, or newsletter. But, to maintain them and keep their attention is another story. You can’t just submit any kind of content and expect them to like everything you post. Your content has to be compelling, interesting, and you have to promote it properly on your social media channels. 

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People respond better to you and your content when you give them something they can use. Social media treats don’t have to be anything physical (although, that doesn’t hurt either). These treats can be a free report, short e-book or special discount code. There are several options to give faithful readers and followers treats through social media to maintain their loyalty.

1. Offer Special Treats for Faithful Followers

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Followers will enjoy receiving information and freebies from the person they follow. Freebies are a big treat for many followers. These free treats do not have to be an expense for you. For instance, offer your readers a valuable report about whatever your niche is.

2. Keep Followers with Resources

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Most followers on social media networks follow people because they have the information they need. If you offer useful resources and information, interesting pictures, and relevant topics, you will be well-liked among your followers. 
Some of the best resources to use are:
  • Helpful advice 
  • Easy tips
  • Current news
  • And answering questions your followers may have. 
Be sure to update your topics regularly. Using an RSS feed for various blog sites or Google alerts can help you find the news topics that are related to your niche.

3. Don’t Be a Stranger—or a Zombie for That Matter!

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Keeping the conversation going is a great option for Twitter. This gives you the opportunity to continue conversing with a particular person(s). This way you’re engage with followers, allowing them the opportunity to communicate with you personally. Be personable and jump in on conversations that are interesting to you. 
Avoid making all conversations about you and your company. Lead with good knowledge and be interesting.

4. Be as Transparent as a Ghost.

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Transparency in social media means to be honest about what you do and what you have to offer. If you keep any secrets about your company or yourself, you’re likely to lose readers. Honesty enhances your credibility online. People want to know that you’re not scamming them into something that won’t help them and/or just cost them money. 
Be up-front and open about all products or services that you offer your readers, so they know what they are getting into. This builds trust and more than likely they’ll go to you first instead of your competitor.

5. Avoid the Spam and Hard Sales

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The hard sell isn’t as popular as it once was. In fact, using the hard sell on social media channels is more akin to annoyance, and is similar to spam. Consistently promoting an offer for your site, service or product is irritating to people. They don’t want to know about your offer every five minutes. Spamming can also get you banned from social media sites. Avoid it like the plague, and make your offers gradually and promote it within your content.
So there you have it! Maintaining open and honest communication with your fans will keep them interested and dedicated. Over-deliver on resources that your audience finds helpful and supportive. Actively engaging with your following and giving out little treats every now and again is a great way to assure your followers remain loyal to you.
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With over four years of experience as a freelance writer, Nida Sea strives to generate SEO and SMO friendly writing. Developing useful, informative, and interesting content are her primary goals. In addition to writing, Nida is looking forward to indulging people with her future career as a web designer. In between college, freelance work, hobbies, and family, Nida enjoys creating and posting content for CopyForBylines.com.


Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in writing for small businesse
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Christy Wilson October 05, 2012

Great ideas, Nida! Thanks!

Nida Sea
Nida Sea
With over four years of experience as a freelance writer, Nida Sea strives to ge
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Nida Sea October 05, 2012

Thanks, Christy! :)

abey george
abey george
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abey george October 31, 2013

I was not aware of the benefits of Social media treats to our website. You have shared a helpful post indeed. Removeskintags

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