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Finding Potential Guest Bloggers

Andrea Buginsky
Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen” was her first boo
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October 17, 2012 By Andrea Buginsky


Do you have an empty blog you'd like to fill up with guest posts? By following some simple steps, you can start recruiting authors and bloggers to write guest posts for your blog. Not only will this save you time from blogging, but it will help give your blog a fresh look and bring in more readers.
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Finding Guest Bloggers

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Finding guest bloggers may be as simple as looking through your Facebook or email contacts. If you are in touch with people who share your interests, and those interests match your blog’s themes, then you can simply ask your contacts if they’d like to write a guest post for your blog about that subject. You can also contact contributors to other blogs you enjoy reading that match your blog and ask if they would like to contribute to your blog.

Contacting Guest Bloggers

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Once you’ve determined who to contact to seek guest posts for your blog, it’s time to start reaching out to them. For your email and Facebook contacts, you can send them an email, private message, or leave a comment on their Facebook page to see if they would be interested in posting on your blog. Let them know all of the pertinent information, such as the type of guest posts you’re looking for, what subject matter you’d like them to cover, and what is appropriate and inappropriate for their blog posts, such as age level.

Inviting Guest Bloggers to post on Your Blog

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Now that you have your guest blog contact list set up, it’s time to send out the invitations. When a spot for a guest post opens up on your blog, send your invitations to your contacts whose writing style matches the type of post you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a generalized post, then you can send the invitation to everyone on your blog guest post contact list. Be sure to include the dates you need the posts for; the subject matter you would like covered; and the pertinent information you will need to go along with the post, such as book covers or headshots. Include a link to your blog in the invitation to remind them what blog they’re contributing to.

Keeping Track of Guest Bloggers

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Once you have your ongoing list of guest bloggers, you’ll want to keep track of the information in a file so you can refer to it at a later date when you are looking for a particular guest blogger, or group of guest bloggers. Set up a spreadsheet with the blogger’s name, email or other contact information; blog, website, or Facebook page; and key words to remind you of what types of posts they cover.
These are the basic steps of finding potential guest bloggers. You can expand on your search for guest bloggers by posting Tweets, advertising on your blog or Facebook pages, and doing a search on the Internet for guest bloggers.
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Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen” was her first book, and was followed by “My Open Heart,” an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. “Nature’s Unbalance” is the second story in THE CHOSEN series. Andrea plans to write more in the series. She’s already done with the first draft of book 3 and has a concept for book 4. You can find Andrea on her website, Andi’s Realm (http://andisrealm.blogspot.com/) Her books are available at Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Andrea-Buginsky/e/B005C4NJJS/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1341675227&sr=8-1) and Barnes & Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/andrea-buginsky?keyword=andrea+buginsky&store=allproducts).


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james gladson November 13, 2013

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