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SEO Tricks That Won’t Spoil Your Writing

KC Morgan
K. C. Morgan is a professional freelance writer, with articles and blog posts ap
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October 09, 2012 By KC Morgan


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If you want to get more traffic to your blog, you’ve got to optimize them for search engines. However, if you want readers to enjoy your writing and find real value in it, you can’t just add a lot of overt SEO (search engine optimization). There’s a fine line between SEO and readability. Learn tricks that will help you optimize your writing without ruining it for your audience. 

Keyword Density

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Keyword density refers to the number of times your keyword phrases appear on the page, in relation to the rest of the content on the page. Optimally, you want to get a keyword density around 5 percent. This means that 5 percent of the words on the page are keywords. For instance, if you write 100 words then 5 of them ought to be keywords. Check your keyword density using a keyword density calculator or similar tool. 


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Search engines don’t really read punctuation – they just read the words. Make punctuation work for you by creatively adding important keywords around it. 
For example, if your keyword phrase is “blog writing,” use punctuation to sneak that phrase into your article. 

Master It! See the Example Below!

Add fresh content to a website with a blog. Writing a blog is a good way to share information and add new content to pages.

In the example above, the keyword phrase “blog writing” doesn’t appear in the same sentence, but the two keywords are together. The search engines will read the phrase in spite of the period, and the content flows much more organically to the readers. Words within keyword phrases may be separated by periods, semicolons, dashes—any punctuation you like. As long as you don’t insert extra words in the middle of keyword phrases, you’re still writing for search engine optimization. 

Sneaking in Keywords

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It’s always possible to sneak keywords into the page and into every blog post. It’s a common trick to use keyword phrases in titles and subtitles to build up a better density. Don’t forget to add labels to your blog posts as well; this is an easy, quick way to get more keywords on the page. Even more keywords can be added if you include captions on your images. It’s a simple and very effective trick.

Add More Content

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Every blog post adds more content to your site and has a built-in opportunity for even more content. The best part is that you don’t have to write the content. 
Always allow comments on your posts so that readers can add content to your pages as well. Comments encourage discussion, and that fosters even more comments. 
Don’t forget to include META descriptions with your posts. The descriptions should always include your keywords. This is what the search engines read first so, grab their attention with action verbs and naturally-placed keyword phrases. 


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By adding a few small elements and making certain decisions when you’re writing blog posts, it’s possible to get a perfect keyword density that will attract search engines without turning off your readers. Always incorporate your keywords naturally, using any tricks you can find. Don’t try to force your keywords; readers will see it and potentially resent it. Search engine optimization is an essential part of making your website visible to the online public and brining in the utmost possible traffic. 
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K. C. Morgan is a professional freelance writer, with articles and blog posts appearing on dozens of sites. Working as a freelancer has allowed K.C. to write on a wide variety of topics, from product descriptions in clothing catalogues to in-depth technical articles to casual blog posts. K.C. has covered news stories, interviews, fashion events and politics. When she’s not completing freelance assignments, K.C. writes advice articles for other professionals who want to work for themselves.


Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in writing for small businesse
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Christy Wilson October 09, 2012

All great ideas, KC! If done incorrectly, SEO can kill your writing skills. But this post is proof that keyword optimized copy can read well AND rank well in searches. Thanks!

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