Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the content really free?

A: Yes!

2. How does the content match the characteristics of my website?

A: Our writers will visit your site and write content that would look
like it naturally appeared on your site.

3. How will the content be sent to me?

A: The content will be emailed to you as an HTML file attachment. Just open the file as a txt file through notepad and copy the code to your sites backend.

4. Can I change the content?

A: No you cannot edit the content.

5. Is the content unique?

A: Yes, each article is written for only one website. Each article will be available to only one website.

6. Can I get content for more than one website?

A: Yes, you can add multiple sites to your profile and get fresh, unique content for each site.

7. When I receive the content do I have to immediately put it on my site?

A: Yes, you have 10 days to put it on your site.

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