Terms of Service

If you sign up for Copy for bylines service, you are accountable for maintaining
your use of the service, and you are solely responsible for understanding and performing the guidelines below.


  1. 1. If you want to reprint or publish any content in your blogs, website, forum or RSS feeds from our site, here are some policies you should follow:
    • • Do not alter the content or title of the content in any way.

    • • Once created links are finalized, no further syntax alterations are allowed.

    • • Value the authors’ copyrights by printing the content without any changes.

    • • Do not republish anything from this site via spamming, pop-up ads or unsolicited email.

    • • Do not put anything on this resource in any site which also includes illegal wares, instructions on how to steal or how to make bombs, expressions that encourage hatred, bigotry or racism, or exploitation and other unofficial activities.

    • • Do not charge others for republished content from our site.

    • • Do not sell anything from the Copy for Bylines directory.

    • • Only a maximum of 25 articles per original domain are allowed to be taken from this site every year.

    • • Do not translate any article to any language.

    • • Do not incorporate the "rel=nofollow" label in your HREF reports.

    • • Do not put every active link to any content you republish from our website.

    • • Copy for bylines Service Description. When utilizing Copy for bylines derived content on your site, you agree to display the Copy for bylines Icon logo.

    • • Service Icon/Logo Display. When utilizing Copy for bylines derived content on your site, you agree not to make any changes to the shape and size of the Copy for bylines logo.

    • • Service User Interface Display. When a reader clicks on the Copy for bylines icon logo, you agree to hyperlink that logo directly to our home page at http://copyforbylines.com,
      or other appropriate page within our site.

  2. 2. The user is responsible for anything taken from the newsletter, the site, or the RSS feed..

  3. 3. While our site does not generally have the copyrights to the content posted, we do have the authorization to distribute them.

  4. 4. Permission from the original writer when getting content from the directory is not needed, as long as the user agrees with all of the terms listed here.

  5. 5. You do not need to incorporate the Google advertisements on our website if you republish some content.

  6. 6. If you break any of the Terms of Service above, you will be held liable for all statutory damages and attorney fees for a copyright violation lawsuit that might be carried against you.

  7. 7. You accept that Copy for Bylines has the right to revoke these privileges at any time for any reason.You will be informed of this within 48 hours by written note, fax or email, postal mail or telephone. Once you receive the notice from us, you have one day to instantly remove all content you accepted from our site, and give us a printed response indicating that you have fulfilled our request to mitigate further movement against you and your company that is enforcing this contract.

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